Performance management stages

Five stages of performance management

- CV writing and resumes
- Careers and career building
- Cover letters
- Job interviews
- Networking
- Job searching
- Resources and tools

- Career planning introduction
- Self assessment
- Job marketing tools
- Finding the right job
- Selecting the right job

- Performance reviews
- Performance improvement

Performance management stages

Performance management is an important aspect of a company. It is a process that companies use to accomplish goals and effectiveness within the work place. Within this process, everyone in the company is involved including managers and employees.

There are five different stages within employee performance management. The five stages are planning, monitoring, developing, rating, and rewarding. All five stages are essential within a company. This helps give everyone an opportunity to help others within the company. This process allows planning goals and work. Monitoring is to make sure that each employee is doing his or her job right. Developing is usually setting goals to achieve them. This can also help an employee get advanced within the company. Rating would of course be giving performance reviews and feedback of the jobs the employees are doing. Often, during performance management, feedback is given on a monthly basis to help the employee learn and grow instead of on an annual basis. Rewarding is going to be giving some type of reward for accomplish work and goals. If rewards are not given when goals are achieved, employees may feel that they did not perform their job well.

The main purpose of performance management is to help the company achieve goals while getting employees involved. This also helps the employees learn new skills and feel good that they are helping the company to achieve its goals. The employees are rewarded with bonuses, etc. if the goals are achieved, which also allows for employee greatness.

Performance management



Understand the five stages of performance management to ensure promotion

Performance tip

Keep detailed record of all performance interview outcomes to ensure that you can grow in line with company goals.

Performance tip

Obtain training in line with company goals for your section.

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