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Career networking is an investment into your employment bank

Most of the job vacancies are never advertised and the only way to get into some of the best positions is through constant career networking.

In this section we deal with the advantages of career networking, show you how to build working networks, what to avoid when networking and how to establish long term network contacts to help you advance in your field and to make the most of employment opportunities.

Follow our links to career networking resources, articles, tips and workshops. Become a professional networker and ensure a rosy future in whatever employment field you are.

Start career networking today if you plan a career change. Make the constant effort to build network contacts to ensure that when you need references that you will have them readily available.

Network resources


Networking is not a once off activity, but rather a lifestyle that entails contact list building

Network contact tip

Keep a list of network contacts. Divide them into catagories such as family, friends, employment, sport, clubs etc.

Career networking tip

Join Facebook, Linken it, Skype, Mixit and other social network sites to establish contacts in other towns and fields before you make a location or career move.

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