Why do you need a CV?

List of reasons for needing a CV

- CV writing and resumes
- Careers and career building
- Cover letters
- Job interviews
- Networking
- Job searching
- Resources

- CV blunders
- What makes a good CV ?
- Career objectives statement

When will you need a CV?

No-one should be without a CV. On the question of " When will you need a CV" we have listed a few instances to help you determine if you need a CV.

  • When you reply on a job posting in the newspaper, the internet, job board or trade magazine.
  • For sending out to prospective employers.
  • As a reference after a telephonic interview with a prospective employer.
  • As a self employed person wanting business or a contract from someone you will realize that you need a CV to give an overview of your skills, experience, and qualifications.
  • As reference tool when completing job application forms.
  • When adding your name to a recruiter's database you need a CV to make you stand out.
  • Career fairs - are the ideal places to hand in the CV.
  • To hand out to friends, contacts and family members as part of networking.
  • To keep at hand when doing a telephonic interview as a memory refresher.
  • To build your confidence.
  • As reference tool when applying to a college or university for admission.

In short you need a CV for every possible situation. As such you should ensure that your CV is up to date. If it isn't start to work on it now. Contact us should you need help in writing or updating your CV.


You Need a CV



Make sure you have a CV for every occassion

Do you need a CV?

Everyone needs a CV and by using our guidelines you can be sure that your CV will stand out

Should you also have an electronic CV?

Yes, you should have a hard copy, electronic copy, a scan ready copy, a fax ready copy, and a CD presentation.

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