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Job hunting steps and guidance on job searching

Learn what steps to follow to ensure employment when you are job hunting. Find out what makes a job search successful and why some people stay unemployed for long periods.

Get the most from a written reference - click to learn more

Learn how to build a list of job references

Learn how to create a job mission statement and use it to get the dream job. Find out about career and job fairs, where to look for advertisements and how to apply for a position.

Take steps to prevent retrenchment and learn how to build a job history. Networking is an essential tool when you try to find a job or want to enhance your career. Learn the secrets to networking for employment.

Get access to job placement agencies and find out how to ensure that your profile is noted. Also find out what mistakes in the job hunt process to avoid and how to overcome financial expenses.

Learn how to select the best job for you and how to negotiate for salary and benefits. What makes a hiring manager select you and what can you do to supplement your income?

How to handle job interviews and what are the rules when working through a placement agency? These and many more questions are answered at the job searching section. Make the job hunt short and land the perfect position without a long job search process.

Job search facilities

It is possible to land the perfect job within 12 weeks. You don't have to settle for a dead-end job.

Job search tip

Work according to a set plan. Develop a daily routine of building contacts and references rather than waiting until you have to do a job search.

Employment searching tip

Use your network contacts to find out which positions are available at their companies as 80% of all available positions are never advertised.

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