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Sample Job Offer Acceptance Letter

P.O. Box 752
Lynnwood Ridge
(123) 456 7891

March 19, 2008

Mr. J. Theron (Name of recipient)
Chief Recruitment Officer (Title)
IT Web (Company)

Dear Mr. Theron (always address to a specific person)

Job Offer Acceptance

I appreciate the job offer for the position as Training Officer (title of the job).

I accept the offer I envisage this as the perfect opportunity to expand on the training curriculum as discussed during the interview (show that you have the company's goals in mind and if you discussed an issue of particular importance to the company during the interview - also focus on it).

I will commence at this position on April 7, 2008 as agreed.

I look forward to be part your training team and endeavour to deploy my skills in this area to the advantage of the company and its clients.

Accept my sincere appreciation for the opportunity.

Yours Sincerely,

Mark Willmore



Job Offer Acceptance Letter Resources



Show your appreciation for the job offer through a thank you note.

Job Offer Acceptance Letter Tip

Address it to the person who made the job offer:
hiring manager, recruitment officer etc.

Thank You Letter Tip

Use formal business writing style as shown in the sample.

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