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Prepare for job interviews to ensure you land your dream job

What types of job interviews are there? Why is a panel interview so intimidating and how can you beat the odds? Interviewing techniques are applied to get an idea whether the candidate will be able to fit into the corporate culture, has the skills required, will be able to perform well under pressure, work alone or in teams, lead a project etc.

Knowing what job interview questions to expect, what protocol is used in a specific country, what to do after the interview and what mistakes to avoid will help you ace the job interview.

Some of the worst mistakes made by interviewed parties will be discussed and ways to avoid making the same mistakes. You will learn about interviewing styles, answers and definitely also the dress code.

He that prepares for the job interview is also preparing for his future. Don't take an interview lightly, see it as your 15 minutes of fame and make the best of it.

We provide information on all aspects of employment and job interviews in this section.

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Job Interview Resources


Never chew gum during job interviews

Interview mistakes to avoid

Don't ask about salary increases during job interviews. Leave sarcasism at home together with your grandma's handbag. Unless you apply for a Michael Jackson look alike position, make sure your pants are long enough to cover your socks.

Job interviewing tip

Adapt your handshake to that of the interviewer. You are not in competition and breaking a few fingers to proof something will only get you the job if you are applying for a bouncer position.

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