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Introduction to job interview answers
Isebell Gauche

In the previous section we dealt with general job interview questions. In this section we will look at appropriate job interview answers. We provide the guidelines on correct general job interview answers and as such you will have to think rather than use generic job interview answers.

Why have you applied for this position?

Don't answer because of the money or benefits unless you want to be kicked out immediately. Think of the role that you will want to play in the company and answer accordingly. If you apply for a sales job then your answer should be related to the company's sales goals.

Why do you want to work for us and why should we employ you?

Think about your past contributions to other employers and how you can contribute to this company. Don't think long holidays - think what can I bring to the company? Highlight your strong points and how you hope to be able to use them to the benefit of the company.

Give an example of how you handled a difficult situation in your company.

The secret here is to prepare a situation, think about action taken and how the problem was resolved. Never ever admit you lost control or became scared. You must portray an image of peace restoration, problem solving, and customer relations building.

Have you worked as part of a project team before and can you give an example of a task that had to be completed?

Secret - think situation, task, action, resolution and positive contribution to the team when you answer.

What are your long term goals and what will you do if things don't work out according to plan?

Your answer must show that your long term goals are in line with the company goals. Make sure that you show that you have a long term goal and that you are flexible enough to change plans a bit if need be, but always make sure that the contingency plan can also be implemented at the company.

What will you say is your best accomplishment and why?

Think carefully about an accomplishment relevant to your career and specifically the job you are applying for. You want to show your suitability for the job and the employer.

The above are standard job interview questions. Use the guidelines and prepare solid job interview answers for the specific job.

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Job Interview Answers


Don't ever answer that you want the job because of the benefits or money.

General job interview answers tip

Prepare for every interview. The above questions are always asked and not preparing for them will mean you waste your time in going to the interview.

Job interview answers traps

Don't ever admit to something negative. Even your weak point must be as strong point. Never admit to loss of control.

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