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Education job interview questions
Isebell Gauche

If you plan on applying for a position in the educational sector you will need to prepare education job interview questions and answers. The education job interview questions below will help you to prepare. Go through each of the questions and prepare suitable answers in advance.

Candidates often receive a telephonic screening interview and as such it is important to already have the answers written and prepared next to the telephone or in the case of South Africans, have them in your bag at all times in case you receive a call on your mobile phone.

Telephonic education job interview questions

  • What is your main reason for applying?
  • Can you list the courses which you are currently teaching?
  • Which courses have you taught in the past and for how long?
  • At what level have you taught?
  • Were the positions part time or full time?
  • Which courses do you prefer to teach?
  • Do you have any experience in teaching course…?
  • How will you motivate the students?
  • Tell us more about your teaching style
  • Which research topics do you find interesting?
  • Where do you stay?
  • How will you get to work?
  • Can you work in the afternoons?
  • How many hours a week can you teach?
  • What equipment do you need for teaching?
  • Are you willing to relocate?
  • Are you willing to travel?
  • When can you start?

Once you have passed a telephonic screening interview you will be called in for a formal education job interview. Prepare answers to the following questions in addition to the normal interviewing questions.

  • What is your involvement in sport?
  • Are you involved in any community projects?
  • What are your interests?
  • Will you stay on the premises?
  • Are you willing and available to also teach..?
  • Can you help in sport/cultural/remedial coaching?
  • Which extramural activities at our institution interest you?
  • Are you studying at the moment?
  • Will you need time off for studies?
  • How will you enhance your qualifications further?
  • Why are you interested in this position?
  • How do you handle a difficult learner?
  • Which courses do you prefer to teach and at what level?
  • At what level have you taught in the past?
  • Which visual aids do you use in teaching?
  • Do you believe the group should come first or the individual?
  • Have you ever been involved in project management?
  • How will you handle the following situation..?
  • How do you feel about teaching in mother tongue?
  • How many years of coaching/teaching experience do you have at level..?
  • What will you be able to contribute to our institution/division?
  • How do you handle disruptive learners?
  • Have you attended an education job interview at another institution?
  • Why should we employ you?
  • What is your best attribute?
  • What is your weakest point?
  • What salary do you have in mind?

In addition to preparing for the education job interview questions also make sure that you have all the documentation to support your research, qualifications and job experience claims.

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Be prepared to better your qualifications.

Education job interview tip

Teaching experience at a specific level will be important so make a list of all subjects taught and relate them to the specific position.

Education job interview mistake

Never say that you are not willing to teach additional subjects.

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