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CV Objectives Questions and Answers
Isebell Gauche

In this section we provide answers to any CV questions regarding the CV objectives section you may have. If you have other CV questions regarding the CV objectives section, simply email us and we will provide guidelines.

CV objectives FAQ

Q: Before I write the CV objectives section, what should I do?

Before you can write the CV objectives section you need to know what jobs you would like to pursue. As such find information about the relevant jobs and possible employers. Also use the information from your self assessments (such as personality tests) to get an understanding of what you like, what makes you tick and in which jobs you will be happy. Then write the CV objectives section accordingly.

Q: On what should the CV objectives section be focused?

Always focus this section on the potential employer and its goals. You are not the only candidate for a job and as such you will need to show what positive contribution you will be able to make to the company and its team regarding the specific job.

Q: Is it a must to have the CV objectives section?

No you don't have to, but it will help the employer to establish immediately whether you will fit it in with the company and its goals. It will also show that you have a vision and what you can bring to the table. Oftentimes the section is replaced by a career summary or profile section.

Q: How many CV objectives should be listed?

It should only be a short introduction and as such only those objectives relevant to the specific industry/company and or job should be listed. Rather write more CV's for each type of job and include relevant CV objectives sections for each CV. Click below:
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CV writing help


Do your homework about the employer before you write the CV objectives section.

Cv Objectives tip

List three main goals in relation to the employer and job.

Avoid the following CV writing mistake

Listing irrelevant goals for a particular job.

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