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Objectives statement and career statement examples
Isebell Gauche

Once you have written down all your aspirations, the core values and your potential contribution to a company, the industry, community, and family you are ready for the writing of your objectives statement. The objectives statement will go at the top of your CV or resume and is also known as the career statement. It should not be confused with the personal profile which sums up your background and aspirations.

Refrain from writing long paragraphs and essays. If you have a few short personal mission statements you will be able to use them in the objectives statement section of your CV or resume. Longer statements can be used for the interviews so keep them separate.

The personal mission or profile will contain the core values and goals whilst the objectives statement or the career statement will contain your main goals within a specific employment field.

Sample personal mission statements:

  • I am reliable, considerate and honest.
  • I care about the wrongs done to children.
  • I keep to my word.
  • I endeavor to inspire, uplift and aid people in reaching their dreams.


I am reliable and caring. I am to build solid relationships based on trust and the goal of keeping a high level of performance whilst retaining integrity.


I strive to be an example of one that motivates and works well in teams to reach the goal of building a just society where the rights of all are respected. I will finish the projects of which I form a part.

Objectives statement or career statement samples:

My objective is to develop the first software package that will incorporate all functions required for hassle free payroll administration combined with Human Resources Management.


My career objective is to become the head of department at the Educational Institution X and do develop an enhanced online curriculum for home schooling.


My career mission is to become a leading real estate agent in Region X and to bring new and innovative forms of client service to the industry.

Now you have the basics of how the career statement or objectives statement should look like and how it differs from the personal mission statement. Use the information that you have gathered about yourself so far and get going!

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Objectives Statement

Career statement tip

Keep it short and focus on contribution to the specific career field.

Objectives statement tip

Incorporate goals from personal mission statement into the objectives statement for your CV or resume.

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