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Learn how the cover letter can help you land the job

One look at a candidate's cover letter is all a hiring manager requires to decide whether or not to read through the job application CV. Knowing how to write effective cover letters and what to avoid is essential when you are job hunting.

Pay attention to details such as grammar, formatting, paper used and to whom it should be addressed. It is not an essay, but rather the essential motivation tool for reading your resume.

Never repeat the information provided in the CV when you write cover letters. The hiring manager must find it enticing, professional, and interesting.

Learn all the uses and secrets of winning writing cover letters here.

Thank you cover letter

Also learn how an acceptance thank you letter should be written. See our example of a: job acceptance letter as part of cover letter writing.

Career fairs are excellent places to find potential employers. Make the most of your visit by writing a career fair thank you letter to each person that interviewed you at the career fair.

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Cover letter writing tips to ensure that your resume gets noticed.

Cover Letter Tip

Always address the cover letter to a specific person.

Basic information tip

Don't write an essay. Keep the cover letter to three or four paragraphs.

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