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When to use the Combination CV

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You will use the combination CV when you have a strong education and career history to support the career objectives section. You will include specific areas to place focus on the career history and the education to support that in the combination CV

You can also make use of the combination CV when you target a specific job or have a clear objective of the industry that you want to work in.

It is also frequently used when the job hunter had specific responsibilities that are unique to a certain job or position.

Another reason for using this type of CV is to add pages. If a short CV of two pages are not enough and you want to fill the empty space with useful and relevant information, make use of this CV type.

What is the combination CV?

It is a CV that combines the characteristics of the chronological and the functional formats.

Benefits offered by the combination CV

  • Uses the best of the more traditional and functional formats.
  • Highlights accomplishments.
  • Highlights education.
  • Emphasizes job experience.
  • Begins with the job candidate's profile where after the career history is provided and is thus perfect for management positions and to draw attention to your suitability for the job.
  • Emphasizes important soft and technical skills.
  • Easy to note achievements.


  • It can become quite lengthy.
  • If the profile doesn't draw attention, the hiring manager may ignore the rest of the CV.

When not to use the combination CV:

  • When your job history is short.
  • When you have limited experience in the required field.
  • When there are various periods of unemployment.
  • When you did job hopping.

Combination CV format

Name and Surname
Street and Postal Address
Contact numbers
Email or Fax


Give a short, but targeted profile to fit the job that you apply for. You can also list key objectives or skills.

Qualifications Summary

Describe your background (education, experience and skills) as relevant to the position.


List the main accomplishments during your career as relevant to the position and provide short descriptions of each.

Career History

Make use of bullets to list the various employers, cities and dates of employment as well as position held.


List each of your qualifications starting with the highest in bulleted format with the name of the course/degree/diploma, dates (1980-1983), institution and city for each.

Professional Membership

List books/journals etc. published, workshops/seminars presented and professional organization membership.


If you have interests relevant to the position, you list them shortly. No more and no fewer than three.


This is where you state that references are available.

The combination CV is well structured for managerial positions.


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The Combination CV is well suited for someone with a strong career history and education

Combined CV tip

Use it only when a longer CV is required.

Combination CV tip

Your profile section should draw attention.

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