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Career plan - Selecting the right job as part of your career plan
Isebell Gauche

We dealt with the basics of a career plan, doing the self-assessment, developing job marketing tools and using the tools to find jobs in the previous articles. In this section we provide a short overview of the process of selecting the right job as soon as possible.

After you have done all of the above, you should have several job leads as well as a couple of interviews scheduled. Rather than having to settle for the first opening because you are afraid that there may not be other offers, use the marketing tools as described in the previous article and get yourself in the perfect position for selecting the right job from job offers.

A few guidelines for selecting the right job are provided below:

  • An unprepared interview is one failed.
  • You need to prepare for each interview by doing your homework about the specific company, job field, and the goals of the company, its hiring policies, the competition and its mission.
  • Prepare through mock interviewing where you answer possible interview questions.
  • Select your outfit carefully to fit in with the corporate culture of the company.
  • Make sure you know where the company is located and how to get there.
  • Arrive on time.
  • The next part is to follow-up through an interview thank you note, a call and regular contact.
  • The last part is to compare offers received according to benefits offered, salary, work hours, corporate environment, your own goals, and criteria as set out in your career plan.

You can learn more about each of previous the steps in the career plan by following the links below:

Selecting the right job as part of your career plan is your final step to the start of a successful career.

Job selection

Use all the career plan steps and tools to find and select the best position.

Job selection tip

Compare job offers according to the criteria set out in your career plan.

Selecting the right job tip

Use the information gathered through the interview process to help you make a decision.

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